Start-up Accelerator is our early stage program to back new start-ups which includes seed investment, Growth Network, mentorship and more.

Digital Marketing

Every portfolio company is put onto a milestone tracker. Achieving these milestones ensures that investee companies will pre-qualify for our digital marketing service as well as the eSoft Response Growth Network.

At eSoft Response, we have deliberately designed our Growth Network to ensure that our portfolio companies have clear access to the markets they serve.

Seed Funding

We support our portfolio companies for the entirety of their initial phase of growth. Generally, we lead investments as a minority stakeholder. For some opportunities, we choose to co-invest alongside our counterparts. Every invested company is put onto a milestone tracker. Providing milestones are achieved, investee companies will pre-qualify for follow-on funding. We are long-term focused. For larger rounds, we either internally finance or connect founders to other Series A investors.

Board Support

We are entrepreneurs at heart with experience in growing ideas into fully scaled businesses. Our value-add is helping founders navigate the process of idea validation, legal and tax structuring, business planning and cash-flow modelling for funding.

The governance framework that we provide for our startups is designed to smooth the due diligence process associated with larger funding rounds.

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