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BlogAMPs are essentially pages that use a very specific framework based on existing HTML in order to streamline the information exchange with browsers, creating a seamless, faster and more efficient user experience. In other words, it makes website loading speed for pages almost instantaneous.

Developed by a large community of professionals and backed by Google, the AMP framework works perfectly with all browsers and integrates flawlessly with the most widely used content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress and Drupal.

Three Reasons Why your Business Website Needs AMP

Faster Load Time

In this modern age of high information, fast internet speed and very minimal  attention span by users browsing the internet. How fast your website loads is pivotal to the success of your business online directory (website) .  Needless to say, it directly or indirectly affects the company’s bottom line. Google’s AMP is well suited for boosting website load time as the framework is built with speed at its core. Accelerated mobile pages are all about speed. The entire project was founded on the idea that mobile users expect results quicker, so pages adjusted for smartphone use should load at optimal speeds

 Lower Bounce Rate

A high bounce rate means that a visitor’s overall session duration is short; they visit a page on your site and leave. A low bounce rate means that visitors are spending more time on a page and clicking on available links.  AMP CDN systems helps in allowing for highly available pages while pre-caching web contents data on mobile pages, making every page website faster and easily accessible which will in turn boost page speed and performance which in turn gives user browsing experience and lowers the bounce rate

Improves SEO Ranking

Performance and speed are very important factors in terms of retaining and converting visitors, no doubt, but in order to drive traffic to the website you need to rank high on search engines.

As we mentioned, the AMP Project is backed by Google based on the increased mobile browsing trends, which means they vest this particular subject with a lot of importance which contributes to a very good SEO ranking score.

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