Five Reasons Why You Should Revamp Your Website

If you have invested time, energy and money on creating a website for your business, you know very well that nowadays virtually every company must have an online presence. However, having a great website in place is not a final goal that you can afford to tick and archive. A website is never something static, and this is why you should always keep up with change and continuously improve it. It would help if you thought of your website as a salesman who represents your company every day and keeps an eye on what is happening in the field. Competitors will adopt new strategies, as the needs of your existing and potential customers evolve. Therefore, there are many good reasons why you should invest periodically in re-adapting your website’s content and functionality.

  1. Make it more user-friendly. Now that you have traffic driven to your website, you can use your customer feedback to get to know what is working and what is not. Speak to your customer service team or question customers directly: does the navigation provide a good user experience (UX)? Do customers find all the information they need? Do they have the chance to give suggestions/complaints? Collect the feedback and translate it into action. Sometimes it is sufficient to change the layout to improve the look, organisation and navigability of your website. 
  1. Fix bugs and other causes for slowness. It is one of the cruellest, yet exact internet laws. Suppose your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load. In that case, you will lose your audience. Make sure that technology is up to date and that the platform hosting your website is not an old version: everything that causes technical problems is an added nuisance for your customers.
  1. Update the way you describe your products. It could earn you new segments of customers. Your marketing strategies might have changed since when you created your website, so you should realign your marketing purposes to a fresh restyling of your website. Perhaps you made a shift of focus in your company or need to add a new line of products: you must keep such changes into account because if they are not reflected on your website, your customers might feel confused.  
  1. Boost the mobile version. The ideal website should offer a good UX across a multitude of devices (desktop, tablet, laptop). Still, the mobile version is especially important, because nowadays over 50% of website visits come from mobile visualisations. It goes without saying that it does not matter if you have a great desktop website if this is not optimised for mobile use. If you have invested money on the development of the desktop version of your website, but little effort in the mobile version, it is time to make your website responsive for mobile users, or you risk seeing a drop in your traffic.
  1. Invest in security. Hackers target thousands of websites every day, so you should care about making your website safe for your users and yourself. Just imagine if one of your customers’ devices got infected while navigating through your pages: this could put your reputation at risk, for that person will surely avoid looking for you on the internet from now on. But this is only a minor issue: worst-case scenario, your customer’s data gets stolen while they were checking your products. This time not only your name as a brand is ruined, but you might even face court. So, you must pay attention to security, as well as marketing and restyling.

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