How to write a compelling app description

Getting users to see your app through redirection or search is already a big achievement, so if you’ve driven a satisfactory amount of traffic to your app, well done. But there’s still another big part of the job, which is to convince your audience to take a further step and download it. For this, you need to beat competitors and convince users that your app is worth the space taken on their device. A great way to lead more app downloads is to write a compelling description of your app, which is part of App Store Optimisation (ASO). So, what are the best tips we can give you to write that unique, intriguing description?

  1. Answer these questions. Try to put yourself in your prospective customer’s shoes when you answer basic, yet important questions. What does your app do? Which problems does it solve? What is so special about it? Why should someone download it? 
  2. Pretend you’re doing an elevator pitch. When thinking of the perfect description for your app, you should use the elevator pitch method: picture yourself to convince a user to download your app in the limited time of an elevator ride. This way, you will practice finding enticing ways to describe what makes your app so unique. You won’t have to pretend after all, as most platforms give you a character limit to introduce your app: 255 in Apple’s App Store and 80 in Google’s Play Store app metadata field. 
  3. Employ keywords in your description. This is not only to impress your potential audience, it is also about making sure your app appears in the top results of searches. And you do this by choosing the right keywords that you will have to fit in naturally, avoiding keyword stuffing so that people don’t get the feeling that your description is forceful or stiff. You can use Google Trends or Google Ad Words to establish your keywords. 
  4. Study competitors. Observe apps that are similar to yours and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. What makes other apps sell so well? What do they lack? You might get inspired and single out a feature of your app that might become one of your selling points or spot a gap in the market and try to fill it.
  5. Keep it simple. Avoid to sound redundant and to use too many technical terms unless you really need to. Write a description that everyone can understand without effort and that doesn’t require previous knowledge. Be effective, not boring. Remember that internet users have a short attention span, if a description doesn’t involve them immediately, they will pass to the next app on the search results.
  6. Highlight best features. In your description, you should start with a short, direct description of your app and then proceed to highlight the main and best features of your app.
  7. Use good reviews. Include good feedback from your customers, this way new users will have a solid, trustworthy base for their decision to download the app. Most people nowadays don’t purchase services and products unless they can rely on good reviews about them.
  8. Include updates. If you changed something in your app, make sure to mention this in your description, especially if it’s an improvement to an older version of your app. This shows your prospective customers that your app is very much alive and you’re making an effort to get it better.
  9. Localize your description. Which means, translate content depending on the countries you want to introduce your app to. Even if most people can read English, 75% of users stated that they prefer to buy an app that comes in their native language. So, even if you can’t translate the whole content of your app, it would be a good start to provide a personalised description for each country.
  10. Get a second opinion. As you’re working a lot on developing your app, you might lose perspective on how it looks to someone else. Ask customers, co-workers, family and friends to have a look at your app and hear what they have to say. They might give you suggestions on how to improve your description, what they would like you to include and sometimes from such advice you might get a couple of things you hadn’t thought of before.

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