Tasty Africa Food

Tasty food is a UK based food outlet that provides African and continental dishes to their clients. The business is continually growing, and as such we were contacted to provide a dashboard and website that would be showcased to clients and also used to monitor their franchises.

The application will track transactions, generate invoices, provide support services to franchises, upload and share resources as well as create events for everyone in the space.


Javascript, React, AdonisJS framework, PostgreSQL Database, WordPress CMS.

What we did

We designed the mockups to show the pages and get the clients approval on that. We then began creating the backend, where we connected to third party APIs to receive data and transmit it to the front end, where it is visible. We also created a framework for data to be stored and transmitted due to complexities with the third party API.

For the website, once the design was approved, we created all the pages and added content as provided by the client.


We created a bespoke dashboard for the client, with a website, where their users and customers can locate them, make bookings, contact them and also find other relevant information.


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