Ten tips to choose a domain name

Thousands of start-ups face a major question every day: what domain should I choose for my website? Needless to say, choosing an effective domain name for your business is as vital as choosing the right name. A domain should identify the business character, mission, and values and speak about the company. An ambitious task for a little string of words. It is not always easy, firstly because the domain you want might not be available anymore, secondly because there are so many aspects to take into account.

  1. Use a catchy name. Your domain name is the first thing users will see, which means they will instantly form an opinion about you as a company. You want to choose a domain name that gives the right impression and is catchy at the same time. Think of what you do as a business, think of your users and try to imagine what they would like to see, which choice of words would intrigue them and reassure them about what you’re doing.
  2. Employ your SEO in your domain name. Good SEO starts from here, by putting your keywords already in your domain. This will help your website’s ranking.
  3. Use a .com domain. If you can, try to get a .com domain. Such domains are the most popular and easy to remember. If you can’t, you should still go for a .org or .net domain (they make you sound authoritative) and avoid less popular, or strange or long domains, because your audience will struggle to remember them.
  4. Stick with it. Take your time and choose carefully. Ask your employees or family and friends to check which domain suits your business best, because once you choose, then it becomes very difficult to change your domain name if you’re having second thoughts. It is also not advisable, as a change of name might confuse your users.
  5. Avoid hyphens, numbers and other special characters. Everything that is not letters will make your domain more difficult to find, type and remember.
  6. Choose a flexible domain that fits your company’s expansion. It’s good if you pick words that identify your industry, but if you’re being too specific this might cause your domain to fail to fit future changes/expansion of your business. For examples, if you are a baker and choose muffins.com as a domain name because muffins are your forte, it might be difficult to let customers know that you’re also baking wonderful cakes.
  7. Check that the domain you want is not already taken. Not only because the words you want might not be available, but also because you want to avoid legal issues. You can use a variety of online tools to check this,  such as Who.is.
  8. Use a domain name generator if you get stuck. You might need this little extra help to go through your choice. Namemesh.com is only an example of how a domain name generator can help your creative process when you’re short in ideas.
  9. Choose a reputable domain registrar. There are plenty of domain providers but you should select the more trustable ones. Bluehost, Hover, Domain.com and Google Domains are among the best ones.
  10. Remember to renew your domain name. Domain names are not sold permanently, they normally have one year validity, so once a year you will need to pay your provider’s fee again in order to keep the name you’ve chosen.

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